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Company Profile

KED, LLC is a company dedicated to supplying outstanding computer  and bookkeeping services using up-to-date techniques, software programs and  Intuit QuickBooks. 

KED, LLC will also train your employees and other individuals on the installed software products and how to use the Internet for business or personal use.  In addition, we build websites for our customers who want to have a presence on the Internet. 

KED, LLC will teach the home user on their computer or other electronic devises, from iPods or other MP3 players to digital cameras.

We have many years of experience in the bookkeeping and computer field.  We have the ability to help our clients in their offices or home and the telephone.

In summary KED, LLC will provide professional computer consulting and installation for our computer services clients and bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses that are unable to afford consultants and/or employees of their own. The bookkeeping services are delivered at a level superior to the abilities of most permanently employed “in-house” bookkeepers at a small fraction of the cost.  We offer these services for small business that have not acquired their own consultant at a fraction of the cost.  we will also work with the home user and family members to get them up and running proficiently on their computers or other devises.

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We can assist our clients in their office or home, in person or via email.

Telephone: (860) 655-9557

FAX: (860) 561-5013

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PO Box 331422, West Hartford, CT  06133-1422

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General Information: info@kedllc.com
Customer Support: customerservice@kedllc.com

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